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Anti Anxiety Formula

15 million Americans are affected by some form or anxiety each year, which can have effects of both physical and mental fatigue. With such a large number of people living with this disorder and with over 2/3 of those individuals be treated with some form of therapy and medication. There is a huge need for a homeopathic option for those looking for relief from their symptoms.

With that being said the formulators at Lyberate Nutrition have put together a blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids to help reduce anxiety, without the side effects of prescriptions drugs. This proprietary blend has been effective in helping reduce anxiety of the day to day stresses.

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Natural Proprietary Blend for Maximum Stress Relief

Benefits Of This Natural Supplement:


  • Anxiety Disorder & Depression

  • Prevent Panic Attacks

  • Reduces Stress

  • Social Anxiety

  • Fear Of Specific Situation Or Object

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Shortness Of Breath

  • Positive Vibes

  • Calming Effect

  • Relaxed Mood

  • Promotes Serotonin Increase


"I have been taking this daily for about a year, and it has had a positive impact on my overall mood. My job is high-stress and I am an anxious person generally, and it was negatively impacting my quality of life. This product takes the edge off in a noticeable way for me, allowing me to go through my day much more calmly overall.


Situations that cause acute anxiety still impact me, but it takes more to cross that threshold now. Days when I've forgotten to take it, I have felt the anxiety building back up and it reminds me to take them - the benefits are definitely not a placebo effect. I also haven't noticed any other side-effects while taking this.


I tried this product with the idea that if it wasn't sufficient I would pursue stronger pharmaceutical treatments, but this has been effective so far."

J. Walker.

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"Calm and focus. A niece (who is a physician) recommended several of the ingredients in this product to help with anxiety attacks and when I looked for those ingredients, found this product has them all together which is convenient and saves money.


I felt the difference from the first day without making me sleepy or drowsy, instead I am calm, centered, focus. I highly recommend it."

Levicita M




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