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Power of Grounding and Breathing

I don't know about you, but living in Utah with its bipolar weather can be disheartening, especially when being quarantined without any social life.  

It is so easy to get depressed, anxious, or down in the dumps when you are not able to get outside, which got me thinking about what do you do when you feel all this weight and you do not have a lot of resources or ways to get rid of that feeling?

My answer is 2 fold: Grounding and Breathing.

In order to really understand the power behind both of these concepts, we need to dive deeper into the wonders about our physical bodies.

The human body is made out of electricity sparking through every part of our system with 70% water based organs transmuting all this power throughout our body to function.

The Eastern medicine called this electrical current going through our body, an energy called Chi or Qi.  It is our life force which flows energy from our toes to our heart to our brain to everything in between.

In these modern times, there has never been so many things that throw our electrical system out of whack, such as TV, smartphones, driving, microwaves, and on and on.  We are surrounded and being bombarded by frequencies of all kinds like microwaves, radio waves, bluetooth, 4G and 5G phone service that we still have no idea how all these frequencies influence the body, but we know we do, we can sense it.

This is why we yearn for a breath of fresh air, we yearn for hikes in the mountains, being by a body of water, or sitting under a tree.

Science has shown that all of nature emits negative ions that charge our bodies positively that it is like a lamp plugging into the wall circuit, but with us, it's us connecting to our Mother Earth for a recharge.  This process is called GROUNDING.

​You can ground anywhere, some do not know this, but you could ground yourself while flying 30,000 feet up.  Grounding is simply connecting to your surroundings and to earth, its gravity, its energy, and its calmness.

I know as I write this that half of the world is still cold enough to snow, but this grounding can still happen.  What I want you to do is to go outside, even with slippers on or shoes and find a patch of grass, or even gently grab a limb of a tree or plant and just slow your breathing and be with the moment you. are in.

I know you are probably thinking, "Who is this crazy nature hippie dude?"  Just try this for fun and see what happens.  Make it intentional.  Connect with the earth in any way you can.

Once you are there, BREATHE.  You can tell a lot about someone by how they breathe.  Is it shallow? Fast? Slow? Only through the nose?

Once you feel a tree, or grass, or are just outside, I want you to breathe in through your nose slowly by counting to ten in your mind or even out loud.  Hold your breath in at the end of that for 2 seconds and then release your breath out of your mouth for ten seconds slowly and hold for 2 seconds at the bottom.  Do this ten times and notice how you feel. Imagine your air going down the front of you and inhaling coming up the back of you.

This is called mindful circular breathing.  In QiGong, they believe that breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth helps your Chi/QI clear out faster and easier.

When you ground yourself, connect to nature, and breathe, you will notice a difference FAST.  Just take the time to just BE.  Give yourself permission to let go of all the stress, anxiety, worry, and fear for just 5-10 minutes, after that, you can pick it up again.

Just imagine holding all that stress in a bag and just put it down for a moment.  I would prefer you let it go, but for now, just imagine putting it down and say in your mind, "I will think about all those things in a few minutes, for now, I will be here and now"

Take the time to connect, use resources at your disposal.  Let nature nurture your soul, there is a reason why it is called Mother Earth.  

Try it and tell me what you think and experience.

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