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Gift of Positive AND Negative Emotions

Ah emotions, don't you just love them?

​I am not sure about you, but during this entire Coronavirus pandemic, I have felt a myriad of emotions, usually within the space of a couple of hours!  This post is all about emotions, why any emotion is good, and what to do about them.

First, what is emotion and where does it come from? As an energy healer, I like to break down emotion to its core, which is ENERGY! Whatever we focus on, negative or positive, our life force & energy flows to whatever we focus on.  Where is your focus? What do you notice all during the day? If you do not know, just ask yourself, "What do I get emotional about? What makes me feel positive emotion or negative emotion?"  The thing to realize about emotion is that it is an EFFECT, not the CAUSE.  It is the after-effect of something else happening in our lives.  Everything that happens to us is just data coming at us, we decide how we feel about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that happens to us.  Question is, how do you interpret that data aka experiences/situations/circumstances in your life? So where our attention or focus goes, energy flows. Positive or negative energy flowing or IN motion =emotion. What you get emotional about is where your energy is flowing.

Where our energy flows CONTINUALLY is where our life force energy, our creative force flows.  We are TUNING IN to that frequency. We are creative beings and our life force is used to create, manifest, bring life to things outside of us in or physical world. Think about that for a moment because it is POWERFUL. Now I know there are some of you will start freaking out because you think to yourself, "I feel anxiety or depressed or some negative emotion all day today, am I creating more of it and tuning into it?" The answer is, yes technically, but the good news is, that energy takes time to manifest itself in our physical world, thank heavens.  Can you imagine if everything we felt manifested itself INSTANTLY as soon as we felt it? That would be crazy. To help understand what I mean by this, I love to use natural law and the process of how rain is created to help illustrate what I mean.

As we learned in grade school, there is a process to creating rain.  It is a cycle that never ends.  The earth is unique in all the planets as it has the elements needed to create water and then has the conditions with the sun to evaporate water, it is AMAZING when you think about it. We just take advantage of it because it is an every day experience. This process takes time.  Water on the earth gets hot, turns into steam, evaporates, and rises into the air.  Once in the air it collects together, cools down in temperature, and condenses in some sort of cloud formation.  Once it condenses, it comes raining back down to the earth to start all over. This is the same with us, it takes TIME to have our emotions manifest themselves. ​So why do I bring up rain and how it applies to us?  My purpose is to convey to you that what you feel, just like rain, TAKES TIME to manifest itself.  So do not freak out if you have a bad hour, day, week, month or whatever.  Yes, if you are depressed, sad, angry, or anxious for a long time it starts to affect your world.  For me I feel it in my shoulders within a matter of minutes, my shoulders get tight, my breathing gets shallow, and I can feel headaches.   Good news is, we can shift it FAST.  We just need to CLEAR OUT the negative emotions first.

I am a HUGE Bruce Lee fan.  I love his physical prowess and mastery and I also love his philosophy. This is a concept that I think we do not talk about enough as humans.  That concept of EMPTYING yourself of negative beliefs, emotions, and feelings. Why empty ourselves?  It is like a cup. 

If we have a cup full of negative gross feelings and energy like a cup full of sludge, there is literally no room for anything positive, like beautiful clear water.  So what do you do? Need to empty the cup. Just to make sure this is clear, let's use another example with natural law and that is OUR BODIES.

Trust me, this is the least grossest picture I could find of this concept ;). Imagine if our bodies could not digest food.  What if whatever we ate all of a sudden could not go through the natural process of digestion and eventually us disposing the rest?  We would literally burst at the seams and explode because our bodies have a finite space to put food, obviously.... so we need to GET RID of food.

The same applies with emotion.  We have all had times when we or someone we know has exploded with emotion, anger, sadness, happiness.  When we do not allow emotion out, we explode with it.

As you can see above, these are thermo-frequency pictures of the human body when experiencing different emotions. Pretty crazy right? We store and HOLD emotions in our body until we allow them to pass through us, just like food, it needs to GET OUT of us.  Our bodies are meant to be processors of food and emotions, NOT to store them. **Please note, there are some experts who believe that certain emotions get stored in certain areas of the body and no where else.  An example would be kidneys are usually known for where we hold anger.  I agree with this to an extent, but I believe you need to listen to your own body and see where YOU hold your emotions.  We will cover how to do that in a moment...

So how do we get rid of negative emotion and empty ourselves so we can fill back up with good amazing juju? Honestly there are so many ways to do this, there is no ONE RIGHT way, there are MANY.  The one KEY point here is to ALLOW yourself to feel and release the negative emotion.  Hold. Nothing. Back.  Get it out.  Give yourself PERMISSION to be pissed off, sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed, grieve, whatever... just give yourself SPACE and TIME to do it. Some examples are:

  • Venting Burning Journal-allow yourself to have a safe journal that no one else can read that you hand write out all your doubts, fears, anxieties, sadness, and anger as brutally honest as you can.  Once you are done... burn that sucker! Release that energy.. trust me feels good ;)

  • Yelling sessions-go for a drive, find somewhere that you can be alone and have a chat with God, your spouse, ex-spouse, parents, and have that hard conversation imagining they are there next to you.  Again be brutally honest! 

  • Crying sessions-Some of you out there are cryers and some are not.  Give yourself 15 minutes a day, where you lock yourself in a bathroom or car or wherever and just cry or feel the sadness.  Sometimes we grieve the loss of a job, loved one, future we thought we had, allow yourself to feel it.  Give yourself 15-30 minutes.

  • Meditation-This one is a huge one for me, I meditate moving energy out of me all the time and there are many ways to do this.  You can find free meditations on youtube, or grab my free Guided Power meditation by clicking on this.

  • Workout-This one is good for me when I feel frustrated or angry.  Give yourself permission to flow/sweat your anger, frustration, or whatever emotion out when you work out.  Have in mind the intention is getting out the negative emotion as you run, lift weights, play racquetball, or whatever.  I just suggest you do a solo workout, so no other poor soul has to get the brunt of your anger.


I show this spiral of emotion to show you what direction you may be going.  As you allow yourself to rid the negative emotions, you MOVE UP the spiral.  If you do not get the negative out and hold on to negative, you will move down.  Where are you right now? No judgement, meaning do not beat yourself up or worry if you are in a negative space, that is ok.  Just go through one of the above options and move up the spiral! Ok so now that we have cleared up the negative motion, now what?  TIME TO FOCUS ON THE GOOD JUJU! Let me show you something that blows my mind....

The heart is more powerful that the brain, in fact it is 100,000 times stronger electrically and 5,000 times stronger magnetically.  That is like comparing a candle to the sun, isn't that awesome! I bring this up because I want to point out that the heart FEELS the brain THINKS and processes.  So positive affirmations mean NOTHING without the emotion to go with it.  The key here is... our brains determine what we think or focus on, which determines what we FEEL.   So once you have cleared out the junk, it is time for recharge.  What can we do to recharge??

 Just like getting rid of negative emotions, there are a bajillion ways to recharge.  Let me go over some of my favorites.

  • Music-So if you do not know already, I am a musician and songwriter so this one is a no brainer to come first.  BUT EVEN IF you are not a singer or songwriter, we all know the power that comes from a good song.  So turn on your favorite song and let the good energy flow.

  • Purpose-What is your purpose? I know this is a deep question, but even if you, like me, still are figuring out that question, you can still FIND a purpose today.  Start a business or hobby.  Something.  The point is to CHOOSE a purpose or something positive to focus on.  It does not have to be anything deep or dramatic, just something to move towards.

  • FUEL YOUR SOUL-What makes you happy? If you do not know, what made you happy as a kid? Even if it was playing with dolls or playing with action figures or legos, think about what made you happy as a kid and either do that again, (no judgement remember) or find the adult version of it.  Like to play with dolls as a kid?  Then reach out to someone and ask to be their fashion consultant.  Like to build legos?  Then build a car model, or a drone. Whatever you like to do, who cares if you do it again? This is YOUR time, do what you want.  Just remember no judgement on yourself and caring what others think.  FUEL YOUR SOUL!

  • Fun/Pranks/Humor-Play a prank on a friend (not too mean of one ;) Listen or watch your favorite comedy, (I watch Frasier or Seinfield daily for this specifically).  Do or find something that makes you laugh.  I make it a point to find something to laugh at daily.  Always helps.

  • Service/Focus on SOMEONE ELSE-This is one that I have rediscovered recently after moving to a new neighborhood.  I made a decision to serve my neighbors and get to know them and it has been awesome, even this last night I was in a down mood after a hard day at work and went and helped a neighbor move some dirt.  It was so freeing and felt great to help someone else.  Focusing on serving someone else is POWERFUL.  Brings good feelings and energy and builds positive relationships.  It also brings purpose.

  • Gratitude-I cannot under emphasize this one, it is POWERFUL. Gratitude as an energy is freeing, it expands, and it moves through and shifts your energy faster than anything else.  (I wrote another blog post about this, you can read here). 

I genuinely hope that this helped you.  My goal is to always bring value and assist your mental, emotional, spiritual self. No go forth and conquer.  YOU GOT THIS!

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