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Chief Liberating Officer of Anxiety Liberators and the CEO of Lyberate Nutrition is a bald dude who goes by Jonathan Mitchell, MBA and certified life coach, health coach, & healing practitioner.  Jonathan grew up with parents who both struggled with anxiety and he had his first major panic attack at age 12 and had crippling social anxiety growing up. 


Through his journey of working with therapists in counseling, to studying personal development, to mentoring with Shamans, Native American Medicine Men, and Spiritual Energy healers, with the dedication of his mom using alternative medicine, he found the keys needed to relieve his anxiety and help others do the same.  Anxiety Liberators has the principles to help with emotional and mental side of anxiety and Lyberate Nutrition was created to help with the physical side of anxiety.   He has worked with thousands of people one on one or in groups and offers meditations, online courses, podcasts, supplements, and tools to help others who struggle with anxiety, stress, and depression.  


He has his MBA in leadership development and marketing, is a corporate trainer and consultant, and is an award winning rock artist/singer-songwriter performing in front of thousands and having his music featured on FOX Sports.

He believes that anxiety is a curable state and does not have to take over a persons life, all it takes is the desire to get better. 

Welcome to Liberation central.

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