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In my search for growth spiritually, emotionally, mentally and as an entrepreneur operating my own consulting business I have dealt with a number of coaches, healers, alternative therapy providers, etc.  I have learned something from each one of them but have not moved the blocks to my growth with as much ease and with the quantifiable results that I have found with Jonathan. 
I have been provided with great tools to help me move through life’s challenges more fluidly while learning how to access and utilize my own inner wisdom to achieve the joy and happiness that I have been searching for.  

I come away from each session with a sense of amazement and wonder, knowing that I have just done work that likely would have taken weeks, months or years with others.  In particular, I love the fact that Jonathan is able to assist with all facets of my life from relationships to business development. 
Thank you! 
Joanna Rogister, RHN, BA

I started working with Jonathan during a time in my life that I felt like I was in the desert.  Nothing seemed to be going quite right…nothing was really wrong, but nothing was really right either.  I felt like I was just going through the motions in life and in my head, I knew there was so much more…in my heart, I just couldn’t get there.  My brain was running my world and I had shut off my heart.  The crazy thing was that I have an amazing husband, wonderful children, career I love…again, there was no real reason for me to be so miserable…but I truly was just feeling miserable.  Working with Jonathan helped to move this strange energy out of me and replace it with the light.  The results I have experienced since was to lift the intense burden I was feeling and replace it with peace.  This has shifted everything in my life back into balance and I feel present in the moment again…and loving every minute. 
Live With Passion,
Laurie Hawkins
Business Success Strategist

I connected with Jonathan through a trusted friend and the synchronicity and timing were perfect. His genuine and caring presence very quickly made me feel safe and that I could completely trust him. He has a real gift in the energy and emotional work that he does and the compassionate accountability that he asks in return. For me, working with Jonathan has been an experience of increasing awareness, addressing what was getting in my way, healing past and present hurts, transforming my belief in myself and expanding what is possible. As I write this I realize that words are not enough to describe what happens at such a deep soulful level. I will be forever grateful for our work together and for knowing this authentic and integral man.

Janet Christensen
President & CIO, Dynamic Awareness Inc.

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